Benefits of fishing

Outdoor fishing is a unique recreational activity that has attracted more and more people. Compared with other intense sports, fishing is a sport that combines movement and stillness. After years of exploration and experience, we have found that fishing has many benefits, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Fishing can keep you away from some bad forms of entertainment, such as card playing and gambling. Many fishing enthusiasts may have been interested in playing cards and gambling in the past, but once they fall in love with fishing, they will gradually stay away from these unhealthy forms of entertainment.
In fact, for most people, fishing can be an effective escape from their obsession and gambling at the poker table. By focusing on fishing, they were able to find a positive form of recreation.

2. Fishing can make people feel better.
Many people may be grumpy and prone to anger before they start fishing. However, once they fell in love with fishing, they unknowingly found that their temperaments improved.
This can be explained from the characteristics of fishing. The key to fishing is patience. Many times, anglers may wait for an hour, two hours, or even half a day, and sometimes even a whole day without catching anything. This has become the norm for fishing.
If a person has a bad temper, he will lose his temper every day and be in a state of anger all the time. However, if this were the case, he would probably die of anger long ago and fall down at the fishing place. Therefore, this is a process that gradually affects people, slowly improving people's bad temper, gradually making them accustomed to it, and naturally improving and becoming calm.

3. Mental therapy: The process of fishing can be an effective mental therapy. When you successfully catch a fish, it will bring indescribable joy and happiness and relieve mental stress and worries.
4. Nerve and muscle relaxation: Fishing in a natural environment, accompanied by the scenery, listening to the gentle breeze, birdsong, insects and other sounds can relax the nerves and muscles, making the mind and body feel refreshed and happy.

5. Enter a state of relaxation and tranquility: When fishing, you need to concentrate on observing the fish float, which helps anglers quickly enter a state of relaxation and meditation and delay aging.

6. Enhance physical fitness: The fishing posture is sometimes standing, sometimes sitting and squatting, sometimes walking, sometimes raising arms and throwing rods. The combination of movement and stillness can enhance the body's flexibility, endurance and strength.

7. Regular fishing helps improve memory. Fishing requires constant summarization of experience, such as which fishing method to use under which circumstances, which fishing spot to choose, how far to set up the fish nest, what kind of fish to choose and the suitable season, etc. By summarizing these experiences and recording them on paper or in your mind, you can effectively exercise your personal memory ability.
8. Fishing also has good effects on the treatment of high blood pressure and neurasthenia in middle-aged and elderly people. Especially for patients with high blood pressure, because they cannot engage in strenuous exercise and are prone to anxiety and tension, once they are emotional, their heart rate will increase and their blood pressure will rise rapidly.
Through fishing, many people feel physically and mentally happy and their blood pressure gradually becomes normal. In addition, for those who often suffer from insomnia, it is largely due to excessive tension and fatigue of the brain nerves and the inability to get adequate rest. Fishing can help them achieve a state of relaxation, thus improving their insomnia.

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