Catfish fishing - ordinary fishing method

Big catfish like to be solitary, so generally if you catch a big catfish in one place, you need to change the fishing point in time. Only smaller catfish will have multiple fish together. If you want to catch catfish and you can catch it, the editor specially summarized the views of an old fishing friend with decades of experience in catching catfish. As long as you do these things well, you will be guaranteed to catch a big catfish, and that will be a big one. It will explode!

1. Selection of fishing spots

1. When fishing for catfish, you can choose streams, rivers, and slow-flowing ditches that will not stop flowing. Choose a place with many cave entrances and rock crevices. There are many small fish, shrimps and other aquatic animals in this place. Catfish like to find food in such places.

2. For reservoir fishing, choose a location with a water depth of more than 3 meters and a lot of rocks on the bottom. Fishing in such a location will definitely be very effective. It's just that it's easy to catch the bottom in such a place. As long as there are fish to catch, it doesn't matter if you tie a few more hooks. The fishing point should be in shallow water, on the edge of gravel or aquatic plants.

3. Catfish like to live in the mud and also like to look for food in the mud, so choosing a mud environment for fishing is more in line with the living habits of catfish.

4. Aquatic plants are good for hiding and shading catfish, conform to the growth habits of catfish, and are also a gathering place for small fish and shrimps. There are many small fish, shrimps and plankton in the domestic water discharge outlet, which is convenient for catfish to feed. Wood piles, shipwrecks, and fallen trees are mainly convenient for catfish to hide and feed.

2. Bait

Catfish are wary by nature. Small fish and shrimps are common catfish food in rivers. Using them for fishing can reduce the catfish’s wariness and make it easier to take the bait.

For bait nest materials, we can go to the market in the afternoon of the day of fishing to buy some pork liver, mutton liver or chicken liver and duck liver, or we can buy chicken intestines, duck intestines and the like to make nests. Catfish are carnivorous fish, and those with a bloody smell are If you like to eat, buy them cheaply in the market. After buying, chop it into pieces, wrap it with cloth or fine mesh, and put a stone inside to prevent the fish from pushing it to other places.

Loaches are tenacious and can survive for a long time in the water. If you hook a live loach for fishing, the loach will roll repeatedly in the water to lure catfish to attack and eat. The fishing effect is excellent.

3. Fishing method

When fishing for catfish with a throwing rod, it is best to use a string hook combination of two hooks. For the lead weight, it is best to choose a tower-shaped pendant that can carry the nest material, and then tie a short-brained line main hook below it, and tie a short-brained line main lure hook on top of it close to the lead pendant. If you are fishing in waters where it is easy to hang on the bottom, then just use one hook. It is recommended to use a large hook with a long handle.

When fishing at night, accurate casting cannot be achieved, so line setting measures must be taken. After the first rod is shot, the fishing line is stuck on the wheel line card to try to achieve accurate casting. Similarly, when fishing for catfish, the fishing line should be thicker and the fishing rod should be stiff. After catching the fish, swing it slowly to the shore to catch the fish, unless it is an extra-large catfish.

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