How to fish catfish-lure fishing method

What bait is used for lure catfish?

1. Catfish are fierce and greedy, and are interested in many types of lures. If the light is better, use minnows that simulate the shape of small fish. They are brightly colored, and catfish usually eat some small fish. But if the light is not very good, use sequins. This type of fake bait is more likely to attract catfish on cloudy days.

2. At night, you cannot use false baits that rely on sight to attract catfish. You can use auditory baits, such as pencils and waves. The sounds they make can attract catfish.

What rod to use for catfish fishing with lures?

1. When fishing for catfish with lures, you need to use a special lure rod. Pay attention to the length and hardness of the rod when choosing it.
2. If the temperature is moderate, between 15 and 30°C, and the catfish will not be distributed too far away, use a 2.1-meter or 2.4-meter lure rod. If the temperature is too low and catfish are distributed farther away to avoid the cold, use a longer one, such as a 2.7-meter lure rod.
3. Catfish are larger in size and stronger, so use a lure rod adjusted to M or MH with higher hardness. If you are fishing for larger catfish, use a harder one.

Selection of lure catfish season

Catfish do not need light and usually swim for food at night. In summer, catfish mostly gather in weeds in rivers and ditches. This season is very suitable for catfish fishing. At the same time, autumn is also very suitable for catfish fishing. In order to store energy for winter, catfish eat in autumn. The amount increases.

Selection of Lure Catfish Fishing Positions

Like ordinary catfish fishing, lure catfish also requires fishing positions, but lure catfish should try to avoid places with too many aquatic plants, otherwise the bait will easily become entangled with aquatic plants, so fishing positions with too many aquatic plants should be avoided.

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