Things to note when fishing

1. Avoid fishing in polluted waters. Contaminated water may contain phenolic organic compounds, which contain high levels of toxins and bacteria. When fishing in such an environment, anglers exposed to it for a long time will inhale germs and toxic substances. In addition, the fish caught may also be contaminated, which may pose health risks when eaten.
2. Stay away from high voltage lines. If there are high-voltage wires near a pond or river, anglers may easily come into contact with the wires when swinging the hook, which may cause electric shock and short circuit, posing danger to the anglers. Therefore, anglers should stay away from areas with high voltage lines.

3. It is not suitable for fishing activities when it rains or thunders. When we are fishing in a pond in the wilderness, if the fishing rod is soaked by rain, it will become a conductor, increasing the risk of being struck by lightning for anglers, which may lead to serious accidents. Even if no accident occurs, getting wet during a long rainstorm can easily lead to colds and chills.
4. Do not fish in dangerous environments. For example, fishing on rocks by the sea, steep banks by rivers, cliffs by ponds or slippery crevices is very dangerous. If you are not careful, the angler may lose his footing and fall under the cliff or into the water, causing injury and accidents. Therefore, when choosing a fishing spot, be sure to stay safe and stay away from potentially dangerous areas.

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