What lure to use for carp fishing?

What bait can be used to catch carp?
Carp can be caught using flies as bait. There is a special kind of fake bait called a fly, which is a fake bait that imitates the shape of a fly.

This kind of flying bait needs to be tied to a special fishhook with feathers or animal hair, made into a mosquito shape with sequins, tied to the fishing group, thrown out, and then the line group is recovered.

The trajectory of a fly gliding through water is very similar to the trajectory of a fruit fly flying through water. The fly itself has very little mass and does not move as slightly as other lures. Therefore, it will not cause too much noise to the carp at the bottom of the water. Stay on high alert.

Of course, because the fly is so light, it is difficult to control even with a soft bait rod, so a special fly rod or even a special fly line is required.

Maggot-type soft baits or sequins plus earthworms are another option.

But no matter what kind of fake bait is used, the effect is often not ideal. The reason is that carp are not very aggressive and rarely attack fake bait.

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