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2 pcs 60mm/69mm/84mm/105mm long range underwater bait Minnow Lure

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$1.96 USD
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$1.96 USD


1. Material: ABS

2.Color: Seven Color as picture

3. Four sizes for your choices:  (1)60mm 5g (2)69mm 7g (3)84mm 10g (4)105mm 14g

4. Slowly Sinking

5. Price is for two pieces.


Warm reminder:

1. There may be weight and size errors during the bait production and measurement process, which do not affect normal use. Thank you for your understanding!

2. Color difference problems cannot be regarded as quality problems. All pictures are taken from the actual product. But color difference is inevitable. Due to slight deviations in product color during display, pictures, and drawing processes.

3. Each country has their own customs rule and duty and customs fees is not included in the order.


What makes us different:
Our product prices do not include any shipping charges and are true factory wholesale prices. Shipping charges vary based on order weight and will be displayed at checkout. If the purchase quantity is small, the shipping cost may be more expensive than the value of the goods. The larger the purchase volume, the lower the average shipping cost per product. In other words, the more you buy, the better the deal.


Product Features:

1. This lure is suitable for diverse species of fishing, such as warp, sea bass, carp, sea bass, mandarin fish, horsemouthfish, pike, military fish, blackfish etc. Suitable for offshore, freshwater and reservoir use.

2. The hook tip is sharp, wear-resistant and durable, preventing fish from escaping, and has strong penetrating power.

3. Beautifully simulated swimming postures are more natural and attractive to fish, allowing them to lower their vigilance.

4. Streamlined long-range casting design, the wind resistance is relatively small, and the casting distance is relatively long.