How do we fish with a jig lure?

Feature of JIG lure

The JIG lure is suitable for long-range casting. If you want to cast from a long distance, the JIG lure is the right choice.

The JIG is thrown far because it is heavier and the bait body is smaller. The relative wind resistance during casting will also be very small.

The second point is that the palatability of the JIG lure is very good. Compared with hard baits of the same weight, the JIG lure is smaller in size and can be bitten by both large and small fish.

The third point is that the JIG lure sinks fastest in the water and can quickly reach the water layer we want to fish. Therefore, it is a useful tool for deep water fishing.

If you're after long range casting or deep water fishing, a jig is a must-have bait.

The jigging is good for fishing: bass, cape, redtail, etc.

Some tips to use the JIG lure

The first is that we throw the JIG out and let it fall, then turn the body, draw the pole to one side of the body, and then return to the starting position, while tightening the dotted line and drawing it to one place. Sideways again. Tighten the dotted line and repeat this action, which is the technique of pulling out the iron plate. This technique presents a step-by-step approach to finding bait from the bottom upwards.

The second method is when we throw the JIG lure out and let it fall, then put down the rod tip and move the rod downward while tightening the dotted line. Repeating this action is another way to iron the plate. This method is suitable for finding fixed water layers.

The third type is when we throw the JIG lure out, let it fall, then lift the pole, press the pole down, and tighten the dotted line at the same time, then lift the pole, press the pole, and tighten the dotted line. Wire. Repeat this action and it will be iron plate. Another technique is that the state of bait in the water is a bit like a repeated superimposed version of the letter N, which is a vertical and horizontal search.

The fourth method is when we throw the JIG lure and let it fall, put down the pole tip with one hand, hold the wheel handle on the wheel with the other hand, and shake down the rocker with the other hand while lifting the pole. At the same time, the rocker moves upward, similar to a scissor-like operation. You can add pause techniques. It is recommended to start from slow to fast when you first start learning this technique. Once you are familiar with it, you can achieve good results.

The fifth method is when we throw the JIG lure out, let it fall, and then use the constant speed rocker to recover it. This method is suitable for use in the morning and evening when the window period is better, and it is also the simplest method.

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