Pike fishing lures – What lures should be used to fish pike?

1. The water is relatively turbid, so it is recommended to use Metal fishing spoons. Color can be in pure chrome or gold.


2. If the water is turbid, you can also choose a spinner.

3. In areas where the water is particularly clear and the water surface is not large, it is recommended to use Minnow. 


The above three types of lures are simple and effective baits. The only thing that needs to be paid attention to is that the speed of retrieving the line should be slow rather than fast. Pike is an ambush rather than a pursuit. If the bait is used too fast, the fishing will not be good. We mentioned earlier that pike are smart fish. They learn quickly and can survive in a stressful environment. Big fishing grounds, they will soon become slippery, even if you are fishing for pike by yourself. Another thing that needs to be reminded is to bring several different types of lures. If there is a fish but does not take the bait, immediately change to other baits. Of course, there are more cunning fish that will hide farther away when they find someone coming to the water's edge. At this time, you have to change to bait that can be cast from a long distance, so you should try to bring as many styles of bait as possible with the lure.

You can also choose floating water baits as pike bait. Floating water lure will actually greatly increase the entertainment and excitement of pike fishing, making fishing even more fun.

1. Popper lure.

2. Frog bait

 Frog lure is also a good bait for pike fishing. Thunder Frog is a lot of fun to use to catch pike, especially in waters with dense vegetation. Throw the Thunder Frog on the aquatic plants. Drag slowly through it, and you'll see the wonderful shot of a pike leaping out of the water to feed on a thunder frog, which will make you addicted right away.


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